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Mizutani is made by hand one by one lovingly in Japan. If your selected model is out of stock, call us on +61 2 9813 3080 and we can order this specially for you!







User-friendliness and design

The MATELITE-Q handle has no edge, glamorous and soft curves.

It gently fits your hand and protects it from blisters and tendonitis.

This tool provides a comfortable feel during its use in all kinds of cuts, from blunt to slide to stroke.

A pair of scissors that has user-friendliness blended into its design.

Scissors with no edges are scissors with no pain points.

Look at your hands, they have no straight lines. With this in mind, Mizutani rounded off all the edges, producing curves shaped to naturally fit each hand. The organic, flowing shape of each handle fits snugly, delivering the comfort of use all stylists seek. Whilst ensuring stylists who suffer from calluses or carpal tunnel syndrome can still use scissors comfortably, allowing them to continue hairdressing for years to come. This is as a result of Mizutani long research and development into what is the ideal ergonomic fit. The MATELITE-Q scissors feature the self-lubrication resin bearing, producing a smooth opening and closing action with a light touch. 

Suitable for: All-Rounder


Hand: Right and Left
Sizes Available: 5.5", 6.0" and 6.5"

5.5" Blade length :
6.0" Blade length : 63mm


EXTRAMARISE® is a proprietary heat treatment ideally suited for haircutting scissors that was developed by MIZUTANI based on long years of accumulated data and experience. The same steel material can have totally different performance depending on the heat treatment used. Therefore, to maximize the special qualities of the rare metals (cobalt, molybdenum, vanadium, etc.) we’ve added to our products to the greatest extent possible, and achieve the ideal metal for scissors, (*hardening, tempering, sub-zero processing) and other complete temperature management procedures are essential. To bring out the distinct characteristics of materials, and manufacture a blade with the ultimate strength required for haircutting scissors, we at MIZUTANI have implemented our own proprietary heat treatment using the ideal temperature for scissors: EXTRAMARISE® processing. 

These bearings are made by shaving each of them one by one, using a resin material with excellent mechanical properties. Their smoothness and flexibility makes for an ideal cutting experience, and protects the scissors and screws from wear and tear. Our bearings are gentle to both our scissors and their users.


The handles are so designed that they look nonmetallic, alive and organic. You may feel some warmth from the three-dimensional, twisted handles, and once touched, you would not like to part them from your hand.


Compact and easy to turn, this is a flat type driver for UFO screws. This screwdriver is included with all scissors with the mark shown.


* BLACK-SMITH® is registered trademark of MIZUTANI SCISSORS in Japan.
* MATELITE-Q is registered design patent.

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